Scale Your Cybersecurity Measures to Match Digitization Efforts


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Man has this innate need to reinvent and evolve. To constantly innovate and grow.

His urge to progress drove him to spark fire from stone, get wheels rolling with wooden spokes, illuminate dark corners with electricity, and now muse over a Hyperloop traveling at 600 mph. The current phase of his evolutionary thirst happens to be in the digital arena, originating from the elementary step of digitization to a pivotal era of digital transformation.

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Meet the new hot-shot in town – The Data Engineer


Data engineering is gaining prominence because of the fact that organizations are choked by a deluge of data ranging from logs in multiple formats to valuable business information lying unstructured in the vast Internet.

Data scientists who had to analyze and build models spent 80% of their time spotting and cleaning data. That’s when the need to fork their responsibilities came in, giving rise to a new breed of macho data engineers. 

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Building an unstructured data management solution with ElasticSearch and Amazon Web Services

Document retrieval with ElasticSearch

This blog details a document, page indexing and retrieval solution using ElasticSearch and is co-authored by Vignesh K, Ida Jessie Sagina

Did you see Google Trends’ Frightgeist 2017? Wonder Woman tops the list of famous costumes this Halloween season. You can also find the trending costumes specific to your locality and Voila! You can easily pick the most relevant and outstanding outfit of the season.
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How Data analytics can skyrocket the Aviation sector

Large and Luxurious has become a way of life for the city of impeccable architecture and style – Dubai. Apart from being the largest among UAE cities, it houses the world’s tallest building, biggest natural flower garden, the most massive mall, world’s heaviest Gold Ring, extensive artificial islands, and the planet’s most luxurious 7-star hotel.

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Get on board the Digital Transformation Ship with data backed strategy

Give your business a Digital facelift before it’s too late

Mathias Döpfner was restless. He was appointed as the CEO of the 70-year old publishing house – Axel Springer in 2002 and in the past decade, Döpfner knew they were way ahead of its peers by embracing the wave of digital change. At a time when its contenders were grappling with the steep fall in traditional methods of content distribution, the company saw a steady rise in online readers for their leading tabloids – Bild and Die Welt.
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Steer enterprise Strategies the Big Data Way

Read your Tarot cards before banking on the Wheel of Fortune

My pace quickened as the threatening clouds darkened, reinforcing the weatherman’s report for the next few days. Taking lessons from the floods that hit our state the previous year, family members arrived at a solemn decision to stock all the essentials, including instant edibles. Surprisingly, our local grocer had purchased and piled indispensables ahead of the calamity, unknowingly following the game plan adopted by retail giant Walmart a decade back.
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Win big with Big Data in the finance industry

Financial institutions have huge repositories of information in their databases. Before big data came into the picture, this information was not being leveraged to its potential best.

Win big with Big Data in the finance industry

The emergence of big data has effectively enabled the conversion of this information into meaningful insights through application of analytics. This has contributed to accuracy backed strategic decision making. This is not just beneficial to the financial institutions but to the customers as well.

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World’s most popular mysterious cases solved with the help of big data

This blog is co-authored by Pranav Kumar, Balakarthiga, Janani

They say that the ancient civilizations would have survived if only they had the knowledge of big data and the analytics to use it. Luckily, our generation has found ways to harness the immense potential of big data that can in fact provide answers to the world’s most popular mysteries.
Let us take a look at few cases.

Who will die next in Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones, with its fantasy theme and plot ambiguity, has made millions of fans worldwide who keep lamenting about the dead and speculating about the next victim.

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Scope of outsourcing big data analytics and benefits

Big data analytics has emerged as one of the enduring trends in the business world, bearing many benefits with it. It can be used for predictions and to gather key insights about customers, specific business processes and the current state of the market.

scope of outsourcing big data analytics and benefits

Since the cost of hiring big data analysts and investing in the infrastructure and developing the algorithms can be huge, many companies decide to use data management outsourcing and analytics services of a third-party company.

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Big data for better marketing or better data for big marketing?

Big Data and Marketing

This article was recently published on Datafloq. You can also read it here.

Big data is not just a fad, it can make all the difference to make your marketing efforts meaningful and successful.

To substantiate, big data analytics can increase a company’s ROI to as much as $200 billion globally. Yet, a whopping 87% of marketers still believe that data is the most underutilized asset in their organization. Such huge amount of untapped data can contribute big time in shaping your marketing strategies by giving you a lot of insights to ponder upon.

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Trains, Locomotives and Data Tracks

trains locomotives and data tracks

In today’s world data has become the primary business driver, pretty much like that of an engine in a train. The locomotives are the brain and muscles of the railway system that makes the train mobile. Similarly, data is the engine that enables business across its full interlinked parts. It acts as a lead and carries with it the various compartments like finance, sales, marketing etc.

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The Web Data Evolution and its Impact on the CIO’s Role

The amount of human generated data on Earth is set to grow from around 4.4 zettabytes in 2010 to 44 zettabytes by 2020 according to IDC’s annual Digital Universe. There are an estimated 4,000 dotcom sites being created every day. In business and governance alike, data provides evidence, objectivity and helps unlocks insights. This should make the CIO all excited about the future, but is that the situation?

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How Traditional Companies are Creating Competitive Advantages from Public Data

Internet data is doubling every year, yet only 0.5% of it gets analyzed. Today, a lot more credible and usable data enters the Internet by default, like data from regulatory bodies, corporate data, news items, and consumer data. Many successful organizations use this data to derive competitive advantage like identifying consumer insights, tracking competitors and even bringing about new offerings or differentiate existing services.

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Future of Data Business: Three tips from Silicon Valley

“Data, data everywhere”, the paraphrased old rime, is true for every industry today. Not only a business is able to capture far more amount of data internally, but it can access humungous amount of public data – on competitors, demographics, public sentiment, government data, pricing, trigger events for lead generation and so on. Every prospective client, regardless of industry, knows that leveraging information is a key competitive edge in this information economy. This is excellent news for business information industry, because the market is only getting bigger.

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